Our Staff

The Living Free Recovery Services staff walks alongside clients with love and excellence, guiding them on the path of recovery.


You’re in good hands.

The Living Free Recovery Services staff desires to serve it’s clients with excellence and the love God shows toward all his children. Whether it is the first phone call reaching out for help or the need for support during a crisis, the staff is there in a warm and loving manner helping each individual along the path of recovery.

All of the counseling staff at Living Free Recovery Services are Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors in the state of Minnesota.

In addition, they are born-again, Spirit-filled individuals who believe God has called them to work with those struggling with addiction. Along with teaching practical skills, the staff provides a safe environment for clients to share and offers sound biblical principles to guide them in the recovery process. The counseling staff has hope for each client who walks through the door and is committed to doing their best to assist in the change process.

Pastor and Executive Director

Treena Haase


Treena came to Living Word Christian Center at the age of 17 with her parents and recalls sitting in the sanctuary the day the announcement was made of the opening of Living Free Recovery Services as a licensed treatment center. She turned to her mom and said “I am going to work there someday!”

After completing her college training at the University of MN, Treena came to Living Free Recovery Services as an intern in January of 1997 and became a full time employee later on that year. Treena has worked as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor for several years and eventually became the Program Director.

In 2014 she assumed the role of Pastor over Living Free Recovery Services.  Treena is very passionate about the importance of the whole family receiving care.  Treena is married, has two daughters and lives in Brooklyn Park.

Program Director

Duane Schefaer


In 1995, I found myself sitting in a “group room.” Not sure why, but I knew that life was not treating me well and something needed to change.

Feeling anxiety of being the “newbie,” I decided I would not say much, stay quiet. What did these people care anyway? Several months later, the love of God touched my heart. My walls were down, and I got a new perspective of life. God’s love flooded into me like I never knew it could. Little did I know at that time, I would become the program manager of the very place I found the love of God in my heart, which changed my life years ago.

I have been involved for over 20 years in a variety of ways, sharing my time and talents at both Living Word Christian Center and Living Free Recovery Services. Since 2000 Duane has served in various positions connected to serving those suffering from substance use, mental health and physical health. He has experience in leading staff and clients on their journey in a hospital setting, residential (locked facilities), outpatient, and medication assisted therapy services. Duane strives to approach those he meets, with the kindness, love and the compassion, experiencing the person where they are at today, through the love of Christ Jesus.

Alcohol And Drugs Counselor

Cory Farnquist


I began my new life when I came to Living Free in 2004. Prior to that I found myself hopeless and chained to addiction. By that time all the things I should have valued and cared for had scattered.

As I reached for a new life my forward progress was hindered by my own shame and embarrassment. I was raised knowing of God, believing of His existence, and even attended church. What I had completely missed is the relationship with Jesus, I had no understanding or appreciation for the price He paid to wash that shame away. I had made other attempts to change the course of my life, and attended other treatment programs; however, something was missing. At Living Free I learned what the missing pieces were, and equally important the order of those key pieces; God always first.

After graduating Living Free’s program I continued rebuilding my own broken life. I was committed to serving where I could, Living Free offered an opportunity help to others who were trying to find their way out of a dark world. As the next years unfolded, I filled a variety of volunteer roles connected to support groups. All the while God was inviting me to take the next step. That step was a return to school so that I could become a licensed chemical dependency counselor. I resisted for some time but then found the obedience to follow God prompt. My dream included doing the work I feel I’m called to at Living Free. God: always faithful, helped me see that come true.

Alcohol And Drugs Counselor

Nancy Hofmann


I began my new life when I came to Living Free in 2004. Prior to that I found myself hopeless and chained to addiction. By that time all the things I should have valued and cared for had scattered.

Pastor Mac talked about practical application of biblical principles. It wasn’t until 2004, when I first came to Living Word, I encountered Pastor Mac Hammond. I was really happy because this was the preacher I heard a year earlier on TV. I have been at Living Word ever since. During a new members class, Pastor Mac said there was a treatment center associated with the church. I believe that was a seed God planted. At the time, I was in retail management and questioning if this was God’s purpose for me. I intentionally sought God’s will for my life through prayer and fasting. Even though I had no desire to go back to school, God put that desire in my heart; go back to school to become an alcohol and drug counselor. So at age 50, I did; I got my B.S. degree in alcohol and drug counseling and Christian counseling. I thought this would be a good fit for LFRS. In 2009, I was blessed to be hired on as a counselor at Living Free and have been here ever since.

I love doing SUD assessments as I have a limited amount of time to connect with my clients. I intentionally approach them with the love of Christ. I have been told, numerous times by clients, that they have not revealed certain aspects of their lives to anyone before. I believe this is the love of Christ flowing through me that enables clients to feel safe and non-judged. I love my job!

Intake Coordinator / Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Crysta Cadalbert


My mom invited me to a Fifth Service at Living Word back in 2015 during a low point in my life. I said yes and my life forever changed.

I had no idea the impact of my yes that night. I continued to attend all the services Living Word offered for the next 2 years and started to learn to trust God and let Him lead my life. Through this process I first got sober and later down the road completely free from substance use.

In 2017 I was connected to Living Free and accepted as an Intern on my journey in a 2-year ministry program called Disciple Internship. Looking back I see clearly the Lord was healing my heart and giving me space to know Him and His word. He surrounded me with an incredible team, love, and accountability.

During the 2 years of this internship process my interest in the field grew; ultimately leading me to a decision to enroll at MCTC for the addiction counseling program. I recently graduated with my Associate of Science Degree and am now an ADC-T (Alcohol and Drug Counselor) at Living Free and continuing to pursue my bachelor’s degree to become an LADC. I believe my steps are ordered towards a calling in this field. My heart is to walk with people on their journey through recovery.

It is our desire to help people come out of the misery that substance abuse causes, and to see them living the fulfilling and abundant life that God intended for them.

-Living Free Recovery Services staff